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    severusx Guest
    Well you can do 1 of two things:

    1. Use a dongle to JB your console every time you boot it. You can get the last Hermes payload here: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ha...ip-114958.html

    2. Install the Hermes 3.41 CFW. See this thread: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ha...es-117272.html

    I recommend the CFW method, as it is a lot more convenient. You can also consider upgrading to a 3.55 based CFW like Kmeaw if you so choose, although that kinda defeats the point of the downgrade. I personally use the Hermes CFW v3.41 w/ his v4c payload right in the XMB.

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    kimballwiggins Guest
    what do you think of this video showing how to do it? thanks buddy!

  3. #23
    severusx Guest
    I can't really watch a video right now (at work ) but I can tell you it's really easy to do. Just go into recovery mode (NOT service mode) and use the restore firmware option to install the precompiled PUP from the thread I posted above. Once you are back into the normal XMB, go to Game and then choose Install Packages to add the Hermes v4c payload (also attached to the post above).

    Select the payload from the Game menu and hit X to load it. Your PS3 will flash a blue screen that says "Payload Loaded" and return to the XMB. It is now in JB mode.

    Make sure you put the files on your flash drive like this:

    X:\payloadhv4.pkg -> Hermes Payload

  4. #24
    kimballwiggins Guest
    i am at base now. we just back from the afganistan. i am tired! ok, i installed (on e3 reader) this file- e3fw-hermes_v.4b-kakaroto.bin then i used the method where i tuned off ps3 (on the back) then pluged in, then turned on machine (from the back) and then quickly power/eject button.

    then i got two new files inside the GAME menu. is this jailbroken OR do i have to install more software?

  5. #25
    severusx Guest
    Well that is dongle break and not an install of the CFW, but yes it is in JB mode. However this is not permanent, you will have to do that every time you want to go into JB mode (the power cycle, boot and press eject). If you don't want to have to do that every time install the CFW.

  6. #26
    kimballwiggins Guest
    ok, great. so i do not have to install anything else, so far right? i looked over ther CFW. it sure seems difficult. i am not a computer guy! on a scale of 1-10 (the downgrading from 3.50 to 3.41 being a 3) what do you put the CFW installation at?

  7. #27
    severusx Guest
    A 1, the CFW is a lot easier than the downgrade. All you do it tell it to install and it does it. You can do either, the end result is the same, I just don't like having to physically touch my PS3 every time I want to play a game.

  8. #28
    kimballwiggins Guest
    i think my problem is i have NOT installed the backup manager!! now that i have it jailbroken i will install the backup manager. i have to fly sorties next week and when i get back i will look into the CFW! mind if i contact you if i have any questions? kimball

  9. #29
    severusx Guest
    No problem. Install MultiMan on your PS3. Also, please go ahead and choose a best answer and post any questions you have specifically about CFW in that thread. Thanks and good luck.

  10. #30
    kimballwiggins Guest
    ok, so its freakin jailbroken but i installed the backup manger. when i load the game into the BD drive i get a BLACK screen saying (in red) backup manager at the top.

    below is the a logo for the game and next to the logo on the right hand side is the name of the game. NOTHING else. no menu and i cant do anything with it. i just have the logo and the name under the red backup manager.

    what an i doing wrong?

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