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Thread: stuck in service mode, broke usb port help?

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    severusx Guest
    Here is a link to the 3.41 (Fixed) PUP:

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    kimballwiggins Guest
    thanks a bunch!!

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    daveshooter Guest
    Hi. take a look here for firmware

    Are you able to swap the lid from one PS3 to that one? Just to give you usb. I also thought you can upgrade from a CD, because not everyone had usb flash drives or the Internet, so you could download it to your PC, write it to CD and install it that way. Thats if your bdvd works. Sorry i may be wrong.

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    kimballwiggins Guest
    what do you mean "Are you able to swap the lid from one PS3 to that one?" what is a lid?

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    daveshooter Guest
    The lid is the top of the PS3, the part you take off to get inside the PS3, it black but see through.

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    kimballwiggins Guest
    but how would that help me with the usb ports? i did take off the lid, the power supply, the BD drive, the wifi/bluetooth, the card reader and got right into the motherboard frame where the usb ports are at( there are two sets of two ports) that damn farthest one closest to the BD drive is the one thats busted. damn, all this trouble to go thru just so SONY programed the software to recognize that USB0!

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    daveshooter Guest
    I'm Sorry I was being a tool, and got mixed up with the placing of the usb when I posted with the card readers, Very sorry, theres good reason to flame me here.

    Did you look into upgreading from cd? Or was that another no go?

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    kimballwiggins Guest
    dave, i don't know about using a cd to downgrade.and then there is the question about getting it out of service mode. i think you need that USB0 port as well. what do know about the downgrading via cd?

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    daveshooter Guest
    I think you can upgraded with CD-RW, by just putting PS3UPDAT.PUP in a folder called update then put that into a folder called PS3 on the CD same as you do with usb. and then Go to System Update and choose removable media like you know, but i don't know if you can still do the same in service mode, sorry

    Also something i just found: On a CD or flashdrive/memorycard you have create a ps3 folder in the root of your drive.

    For example:


    Then in the PS3 folder create another folder called update.


    Copy the following update file within this folder then put the CD or whatever external device you have into it.

    Follow Directions on the screen, and good luck!

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    kimballwiggins Guest
    severusx, i have sucseed with the downlgrading and have gotten out of service mode- BY HAVING JUMPER SOLDERED TO THE USB0 PORT and then with the jumper i was able to connect the usb dongle.

    so now i am in 3.41 and i have all the stuff for the jailbreak. what do i need to do now? can you help me? thanks buddy!

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