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Thread: Stuck in PS3 update loop help?

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    cramhead Guest

    Stuck in PS3 update loop help?

    Hi, about a year ago when the JB came out I was updating from 3.41 to 3.50. I have a phat PS3 with no Blu-ray drive. Because there is no Blueray drive it update would get to 72% or sometimes 99% and then crash and restart.

    I had tried pulling the HD out at points were it crashed but have had no luck and never been able to get my PS3 out of the loop. Since a year has past I was wondering if there was a cure to get it out of the update loop or any other OS I could get running on the PS3?

    I think I still have the JB usb stick somewhere if that helps...

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    mikep2506 Guest
    I would have a friend (if you have one) wipe the drive with his ps3 then try the update again in recovery mode.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    Depending on your model of fat PS3 (I.E. If it is a 256MB NAND model) Wiping the drive wont help. Can you put the dongle into service mode?

    If you can you should check this thread:

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    TheShroomster Guest
    do you have the controller board for the bluray drive?? if you do swap the board onto a working bluray drive or (this i'm not 100% on) use MFW maker to make your own CFW that skips the blu ray check/update. there are others on here that may be able to explain it better and in more detail.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    I had the same problem but I fixed it ( You can also fix it by taking out the HDD before the update begins, it will show you an error code at around 20%, it will start a countdown, wait for that to finish (leave the HDD out).

    The PS3 will "restart" and ask you if you want to restart the PS3 or install the firmware on a USB by pressing "Select + Start" (make sure you have the update file in the right directory on the USB and it's plugged in first). Put your HDD back in and press "Select + Start", you can either try installing a CFW that doesn't check for a BD drive* or cancel it so you can get kicked back to the XMB.

    *You can make your own CFW that doesn't check the BD drive by using MFW builder ( like TheShroomster mentioned.

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