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    jonasthern Guest

    Stuck in PS3 boot error 8002F281 help?

    I think i'm in a bad situation. I've been working with some things and i get the rslod screen after my attempt of update to Rogero CFW from Factory Security Mode. I formatted my hdd drive and done another thing with my usb pen (i don't even remember).

    Now my PS3, when start in normal mode or in security mode (to update) i get the following message "connect storage media that contains update data of version 9.99 or higher and then press the START and SELECT buttons at same time. For information on how to obtain update data, refer to the SCE Web site for your region".

    I connect my USB pen with OFW 3.55 and it give me an error "a serious error occurred. Contact technical support for assistance (8002F281)." What can i do now?

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    daveshooter Guest
    Do you have an E3 reader ?

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    Liongooder Guest
    Try to install Rebug 9.99 downgrader, maybe it'll help.

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    windrider42 Guest
    Update error 0x8002F281 Error with installing Firmware update. Check the connection of the Wifi/BT board.

    Issue with the PS3 harddrive. 0x8002F281 Issue with the PS3 harddrive. Reboot system and use Recovery Menu options. If error persist, Format the hd on a pc, reinsert it to the ps3, install update (normal/recovery mode), format hd on install. If still not fixed: exchange harddrive.

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    jonasthern Guest
    Thanks for your help. I'm back to OFW3.55. My nest step is to remarry mu bluray drive. I have follow this but still no luck, my bluray movie don't playback and still no bluray icon on the XMB.

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    racer0018 Guest
    Did you put in a Blu-ray movie while in service mode? If not, do that.

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