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Thread: Stuck in the JB Old School Era help updating?

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    BshadoW Guest

    Stuck in the JB Old School Era help updating?


    I was abroad for a couple of months and i missed all the new upgraded in the jb scene...

    the last thing i done was using my fw 3.41 to work with my eclipsmod and multiman. i saw a lot of upgrades are avilable to 3.55 and so on... can someone help me step by step what next i should do , so my ps3 will be updated with todays jb scene?

    i just want my ps3 to be updated with the most current jb fw to play all the games i can.. is it possible to log to psn with it? (i saw a lot of articles about sony found a away to stop us getting into psn)

    thank you!

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    severusx Guest
    I would recommend that you either grab Kmeaw 3.55 or use the MFW tool to make a 3.55 CFW of your own. Here is the link to the MFW Tool, althought Jes03 reports a bug:

    Update Multiman to the newest version and install BDEMU. Get the latest version from the Multiman thread OP and BDEMU here:

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