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    Big Grin [UnAnswered] Stream from PC to PS3 via browser

    I found this program PiMPStreamer that was originally a streaming program for the PSP and now the coder has added PS3 and Wii support.

    1. Install the PiMPStreamer v0.81 For PSP on your PC
    2. Double click on the PC exe icon (purple pimp hat)
    3. Now close the program, do nothing to it yet.
    4. Go into My Computer--Local Disk (HDD where the program is located, C:\ in most cases)
    5. Find the PiMPStreamer.ini file and open it with notepad.
    6. Look for this line serverPort=56 and change the 56 to 3333
    7. Now close the file and make sure to Save.
    8. Now start the PiMPStreamer server again.
    9. Now you can add paths to your files on the PC, and make any other changes you may want.
    10. Go to the Start menu in windows, click on Run and input cmd then hit enter.
    11. In the black box that appears click ipconfig and hit enter.
    12. Write down or memorize your IP address.
    13. Now with the PiMPStreamer server running go to your PS3.
    14. Open the browser on your PS3 (must have an internet connection obviously.)
    15. Input where would be your PC IP that PiMPStreamer is running on.
    16. It should prompt you: Do you want to run the plugin embedded in this page? you want to so YES.

    --side note: sometimes you may need to refresh the page to get this to run, even when saved as a bookmark.

    17. Get this page to load and you should see the PiMPStreamer HTML page with access to your files. Stream audio, video, even pictures to you PS3.

    Now I have been successful up to # 17. I have a PS3 1.10 fw and am unable to get the Flash portion of the HTML page to display. The streamer uses Flash player and the FLV extension to make this work. I can see the page and all that is on it, just not the embedded flash (which does you no good since all the file paths and video need the flash.) I can also see the page from my PC via IE or Mozilla, that will show anyone what you should see on the PS3. I am posting this guide for others to try and see it is just me or that my frimware doesn't support the Flash...? Post your results with your PS3 firmware versions.
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    sweet. ill have to give this a shot. thanks!

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    wow i used to use this back in the day on psp.. may try it... but i really dont have a need for it.

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