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Thread: Stream MKV to PS3 for NAS?

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    dapengfei Guest

    Stream MKV to PS3 for NAS?

    I want to convert MKV files so that I can play backed up MKV files from my NAS drive onto my PS3.

    Does anyone have good advice for that? I'm really appreciate.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    You can either convert your MKVs permanently - let's say to AVHCD (also have a look here for the simple manager or just stream it via your PC (convertin on the fly) using the PS3 Media Server (lates version here

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    Boo1974 Guest
    mkv2vob is the program to use if you want to convert mkv files to Ps3 compatable file types. It lets you split the processed file if needed. It also only messes with file headers so it means that the processing takes very little time.

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    bb01 Guest


    why don't you just install PS3 Media Server, that will allow you then to convert all to mkv using Xillosoft Ultimate Media Convertor, then stream using PS3 Media Server from PC to PS3

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    DeViL303 Guest
    Just to be clear, PS3media server will work fine on its own to stream all MKV (including SD+1080p+720p) files from PC to PS3.

    Also media convertors will work fine without using PS3media server so not sure what this comment above in bold was supposed to mean?

    Converting is time consuming and can cause issues with sound being out of sinc and other problems sometimes. I prefer MKV files anyway,They are the most common HD format available, I like to keep all my collection to one format!

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    genjyo622 Guest
    Here's my experience with streaming to PS3:

    MPEG2 files have no size limit. Audio should be AC3 or LPCM.
    M2TS files have no size limit. You can stream anything that's MPG2 or AVC. VC1 doesn't work. Audio: AC3 and LPCM works. TrueHD,DTS doesn't work.

    So convert your MKV files to MPEG2 ( If you have Blu-Ray Disc, rip blu ray movies to M2TS.

    Hope this info will be helpful for you.

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    phancao Guest
    You could also install linux on your ps3 and play files that way. That's if you're still able to do it i.e. haven't upgraded the firmware in a while.

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    dragonsan Guest
    that's some total bs. you can't play hd content from linux on your ps3. or can't even play. since the whole graphics are software rendered.

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