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    [UnAnswered] Strange PS3 dvd region error help?

    i was trying to edit a system file to make it region free but no success. Then i restored it to original state.

    Then (i never watched a dvd on my JB since i JB it), it loaded a dvd in JB mode and it gave region code error for wrong region, but then i rebooted in normaled mode and i booted dvd and it booted just fine, then i JB again and again wrong region code, anybody had this before.

    Kinda strange that no jb dvd plays fine and with JB it doesnt play.

    I like to hear what you people think.

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    Feb 2010
    Did this start only start happening after you tried to edit the file?

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    That i don't know, since i have the jailbreak i didnt play any dvd or bluray since i stream all of my media to ps3.

    So i have no clue why in normal mode it will play and in jb not, i replaced the original file back so that shouldn't be a problem in my opinion.

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    Sep 2010
    It's always been like that for me since I got the USB dongle, I always got the "region code" error while trying to play any dvd, if booting in jb mode.

    I assumed it was like that for everyone.

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    Ah ok so its normal, since i never used a dvd since i had the dongle.

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    i have never been able to play DVD's While in JB mode!!! everytime i do i loads not what ever game i selected previously.

    I think it has something to do with the emulation of the game [via the managers]

    Did you load a game previous to that or just - Turn on, JBMODE and try a DVD? [Without using any managers?]

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