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Thread: Strange noises and flashing screen

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    BigBlarg Guest

    Exclamation Strange noises and flashing screen

    Hi! I've got some strange noises problems and flashing screen when starting a game on my PS3 or closing it to return to the XMB.

    I would have posted a video but I've got some problems uploading it. Basicly, I push X to start the game. Eveything goes to black. THen the screen become all white for like 1 sec, and there's some kind of loud POP sound coming from the TV at the same time. Goes back to black then the game starts fine. Does the same when launching DVDs, closing a game, and many other things like that.

    My TV is a 720p/1080i LCD Sony brand and the PS3 is a 80gb bundle with MGS4.

    Anyone got similar problems? Is it "normal" or should I worry about it?

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    BigBlarg Guest
    Here's the video:

    (it wasn't yet processed at the time of posting this)

    We don't hear the big POP sound that it makes at the same time the screen become all white, but it did make it.

    Sometimes also it won't become white, it makes pixels of all different colors. Some other times it's not the entire screen.

    Anybody could explain why?

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    tsiturbotsi Guest
    Im not a pro but know alot of people that own a PS3 and have never seen anything like that. That does not sound normal. First thing that I would do is take your PS3 and hook it up to another tv. That way you could eliminate your tv as the cause, if thats what it is. If you still get a pop and white screen at least you will know its not the tv. That sucks if something is wrong with your new PS3. I would think that Sony would fix it though.

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    Cammarratta Guest
    After the TV test try testing out your cables. It just might be those. I would personally try out all the cables first in a new location before having to call sony, but youre still in warranty so all youd have to do is wait..

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    BigBlarg Guest
    Ok, I switched from cheap HDMI cables bought on the net to the official sony component cables and the problems are gone.

    I didn't really take time to look at the quality of the pictures (girlfriend was watching TV). Should the picture quality with HDMI cables be the same with the component cables!?

    If the picture quality is better with HDMI, I'd try buying another HDMI cable.

    (Note that I can't really try it on another TV, I know no one with an HD TV.)

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