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    [UnAnswered] Stolen PS3 help

    hey, long time reader, new poster here....

    yesterday i had a terrible phone call to tell me my house been broken into, then to find out my beloved ps3 and few other things were stolen. grr.. anyhow i have a few quick queries if anyone were to know if $ony some how can atleast brick that machine s/n from warranties and perhaps get the cops involved if it is attempted to get repaired etc. or perhaps grab the ip from that machine if attempted to log on and use my c/c details to purchase a game.

    What are your thoughts? An advanced thanks!

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    You should contacts $ony Customer Service & Police immediately to report your stolen PS3 and other stuffs. $ony will track all your infos and trace over the theif's ip & s/n.

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    I am also a very long time reader but new poster; did you write down your PS3's mac address, I think that would help find it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by james2150 View Post
    I am also a very long time reader but new poster; did you write down your PS3's mac address, I think that would help find it.
    Yes, that's the only way you're going to track it down and find it. That is if you did write down your MAC address and the thief is dumb enough to connect to the internet.

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    For the mac adress, it a good idea if the guy who will buy this ps3 don t know how to fake the mac address. The best to do is to joinsony to blacklist your ps3. No need to brick it coz you can unbrick as its done on psp for dev

    If you put a name for the pstore and the future users are stupid they will maybe just use ur account then sony if awared can localise the ps3 but will they do that, hummm not really sure.

    good luck

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    Cancel your Credit Card, thats the first thing I'd do.

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    You have your s/n right? thats enough to trace your console, but thats only if it was played OL though.

    have you already register you console OL?

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    thanks for the post guys, grrr i didn't write down the mac unfortunately, i will get intouch with $ony. I bought 5 yrs warranty so i hope i can transfer that across to the new machine, i will insist on it. I really miss it

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    You wont ever see your beloved machine again. - You could give the police officer your serial, but forget about the mac address, they would have a clue what it is, - and sony wont give a crap about tracking it down via ip address.

    Claim off your insurance and hope it never happens again.

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    I'm a new poster here too.

    Not sure if Sony will help you locating your PS3, yet, if you have RFoM and you're registered on then you provided your MAC address to them and maybe (just maybe) they can give it back to you. Again, I'm not sure if Sony will help you.

    Good luck.

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