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Thread: Star Wars Force Unleashed II Game Data Update?

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    IslaTurbine Guest

    Star Wars Force Unleashed II Game Data Update?

    So this game was orginally working for me. Ripped via original Backup Manager to my internal HDD. It just prompted me to update to 1.01, which I did. Now all I get is a black screen when I try and load the game with and without a disc in the BluRay drive. Running Hermes payload.

    Anyone else have this issue?

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    elser1 Guest
    maybe try deleting game data and try again without updating or delete whole game re rip and dont install update... i have it working but havent updated..

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    IslaTurbine Guest
    Tried everything short of using a different payload. Deleted the update and now it works again. Seems like there's been more and more of this lately. Sony's quick fix way of screwing with Jailbreak?

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