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    Hernaner28 Guest

    Stable AC III PS3 update 1.01 help?

    Hi, Is there a proper AC III 1.01 update fix? The one floating around brings freeze problems and you have to do lots of things to make it working. Is there just a PKG to install and no problems?


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    G Sus Guest
    i have the ACIII update installed from just downloading it when starting the game, and haven't had no freeze problems , (only played it 10 mins) when does the freezing issues start ?

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    Hernaner28 Guest
    Well, but you have a 4.30 CFW, right? The update fix for 3.55 is not stable at all.. you have to sign in after you get in the game, otherwise it gets frozen. This is why I'm considering installing a 4.30 CFW, no need to fix updates.

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    G Sus Guest
    ah i see , i thought you were on 4.30 i can stop worrying about acIII then lol as for you updating to 4.30, if you have a lot of psn games id make sure you know how tio resign them first or if anyone else has.

    quite a few psn games are causing problems, if you don't have that many , then yup get yourself on rebug 4.25rex its got no issues, bugs or anything.

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    bigvern1979 Guest
    when ya launch the game for the first time does it stay on black screen been on black screen for about ten mins and nothing but ext hdd light is flashing but ps button on remote dont do owt

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    Hernaner28 Guest
    Sorry I don't speak chinese. English or Spanish only.

    BTW I hope someone release a proper fix. I'd love to know who was the one who "fixed" this.

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