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    sivalakos Guest

    sports champions help?

    guys hello,

    i downloaded this release Sports_Champions_USA_JB_PS3-MOVE and i extracted the .rar's and ftp'd the game on the correct directory on the ps3. i go to the backup manager and click load on the game (yes i have an original game in the ps3) it takes me as usual back to the xmb i click the game to begin, it shows the basic instruction (safety and camera adjustment) and goes back to the xmb. anyone knows what to do?

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    MorporgX Guest


    You must use another payload (another hex file)... Got the same problem with hermes 3pl... now on hermes 4b, everything works like a charm... Great game.

    Oh, yes... It probably uses >3.41 patch... Soo, use a backup manager that supports it... Bless.

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    sivalakos Guest

    i found the problem. some of the files were not copied completely instead they were copied only half.

    thanks again for the response.

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