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Thread: spoofed ps3 3.50 help?

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    jetli68 Guest

    spoofed ps3 3.50 help?

    hi there, i spoof my ps3 to 3.50 with my jb. can i got to the shop and get a retail game that needs a 3.50 firmware and play it on my spoofed ps3 like the new red eye red game or GT5?

    i am not bothereed about backing them up, just want to play them. i never go online to play games.

    just don't want to buy a game if it will not work cos i don't want to update ps3 from 3.41 as use my jailbreak a lot.


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    EiKii Guest
    for the moment it probably won't run as they are probably made with SDK 3.5, fw below is no go sorry, tho i'm unsure about red dead. tho if you have a device wich will get downgrade support or an open downgrade solution you could switch between 3.41 and 3.5 for now atleast, hopefully (probably) we will have jb on 3.5 or even better cfw and smoother play, hopefully as nothing is confirmed yet.

    sorry i'm bad at explaining hehe lemme know if something need clarification.

    Good Luck

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    jetli68 Guest
    thanks for the info m8.

    i'll just wait for for now for the custom firmware coming out.

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