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Thread: Splitting PS3 games, need clear answer help?

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    kmjansen83 Guest

    Splitting PS3 games, need clear answer help?

    i'm confused and want a clear answer.

    some people claim that's it's possible to play splitted games from external hdd. for example GT5, big file is 12 gigs, some say just split, ftp over , patch in multiman and play game/.

    i tested this with other games like motorstorm 2 and others and all fail to play. So is it possible to play games with splitted files from external hdd, so don't give answer with just ftp to internal it it merges the files , i know that, i want to know can you play from external with splitted files in multimanBUM or gaiaBUM.

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    Natepig Guest
    No you cannot play split games from an external fat32 hard drive.

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    blitzsnake Guest
    Well, not GT5. You split it, then transfer to ext. HDD, and then to internal PS3.

    But some say that psarc files that are bigger than 4GB can be splitted and still be played on an ext. HDD. The method behind this is different than OpenSplit and I don't think that many people have been succesfull in doing so. At least not for Tekken 6.

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    severusx Guest
    AFAIK the patching has to be done when you rip the game from the disc to the external device. I believe that Gaia supports this and Multiman might, but it may only work for certain games. However, I am fairly certain that you cannot split the game on your PC and then just transfer it over to the external HD and expect it to work in any BUM. I would suggest that you try to rip the disc directly to the external HD with the PS3.

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