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    Lightbulb Split screen PS3 game help?

    Hey guys, i had a quick question what duel player (i mean like duel account sign in) exclusives are there on the ps3?

    i heard that resistance 3 was one is it true?

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    Didn't know there was a dual account sign in available...

    Just 2 player split screen on 1 account...

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    Sorry, lol I didn't really know how to explain it. what i mean is like xbox can sign in 2 or more people on the dashboard, and they can play halo multyplayer split screen on the same xbox using there own personal gamertag. I know the ps3 can't sign in 2 members at once on the main starting screen.

    But is there any games on the ps3 where your buddys can join you (i mean like on the same ps3) online, with there own personal psn ID?

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    I truly forgot the titles, but some games allow dual sign. I remember reading about it. I'll post titles if i find them.

    Ah ye, Resistance 2 and Littlebigplanet. But second player cannot gain trophies

    And if i don't mistake, resistance 3 and UC3 allow them too

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    k thankz Bartholomy for the list, so on resistance 3 and uc3 they still don't have the opprtunity to gain trophies?

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    2nd player cannot gain them

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    hey dude, any luck on a list of the dual sign in games?

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