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Thread: Split PS3 games questions help?

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    silent warrior Guest

    Split PS3 games questions help?

    Hey guys! Once again I need your help with something.

    I got Tekken 6 but I can't make it work. It shows back screen. I saw that I must "split" the game in order to make it work. What does that mean? Can you tell me how can I split games?

    (game is in internal memory of PS3)


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    dyceast Guest
    What CFW are you on? My Tekken 6 works normally, you dont need to split anything if its on your internal HDD.

    Maybe try with BD MIRROR, or your rip could be corrupted somewhere.

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    silent warrior Guest
    I have the 4.46 CFW. I got the game from many sources. I tried to download it from the net, and copy it directly from it's original CD. In both cases it shows black screen after it downloads a trophy. I can't make it work.

    Other people tell me too that in their PS3 it works normally but in mine it does not and idk why. DB Mirror doesn't work either. I read that Tekken 6 needs to be split in order to work... idk!

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    dyceast Guest
    Does it give an error when it does the trophy?

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    silent warrior Guest
    After it downloads the trophy it shows black screen. It never starts the game.

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    creedo Guest
    In case that you need to split....!! Download PS3 Splitter, install it on your PC and then run it, go to options highlight (Delete original files) and (Standard split files in input directory) option, then go back to start page of Ps3 Splitter hit execute, find your ps3 game folder that you need to splitt press enter and wait until its finished...

    PS: Not many games needs to be splitted, just that games with large files over 4+ gigs... Good Luck

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    bigvern1979 Guest
    if you use multiman it reconizes the split files and caches them when loading game

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    dyceast Guest
    I don't think that's true (Only because I had an error with split files also, unless 4.46 version fixed it, Multiman recognizes the split files (on Ext HDD) during the copying faze and merges them on the fly while copying to Internal, sometimes (Rarely) it does not merge, and so you have multiple x.6666 file on your internal instead of the single file, and the game wont start.

    So Multiman or any other manager wont play it if its still in split format.

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    windrider42 Guest
    Usually when you rename your folder like this on External, then multiman should have no problems caching it.

    _BCES01741-[God of War Ascension]

    Make sure the underscore line is there.

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