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Thread: SPDIF - Help

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    AssassinPS3 Guest

    SPDIF - Help

    I don't know what happen to the newbie forum(s), so... I will post my question here and I'm confident it will be moved to the proper area.

    I got a new TV and it has a SPDIF digital audio out.....now, how in the world can I connect my PS3 to this? Is there a converter I need to purchase?

    I new I can use my receiver, but at the moment, I'm hooking up my PS3 directly to my TV.

    Appreciate any help.

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    CJPC Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by AssassinPS3 View Post
    I got a new TV and it has a SPDIF digital audio out...
    You kind of answered your own question, your TV has Digital OUT. This usually means you have some form of a digital tuner, so the digital audio that is taken from the tuner can be output from your tv, to a receiver for a surround sound setup.

    Simply put, you do need to have the receiver to be able to do anything useful!

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    idone Guest
    Ahh... now i get what assassin was talking about.

    Your tv has optical output
    your ps3 has optical output

    = you need a receiver w/optical input to connect these....connecting 2 outputs will get you no where...

    First time i heard optical called by it's proper name i guess..

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    AssassinPS3 Guest
    So what you are saying is that I cannot connect my PS3 to my TV because of the different digital connection.

    I'll have to use my receiver..right???



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    CJPC Guest
    Yes idone, you are 100% correct!

    Pic 1 is Digital Coaxial, while Pic 2 is Optical/Toslink, both are covered under S/PDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interconnect Format)

    With a cheap converter, one can be hooked to another, but you can not plug your PS3's SPDIF Output into your TV's SPDIF Output, they need to be plugged into a device with a SPDIF input, like an AV receiver.

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    AssassinPS3 Guest
    Fantastic!! Thank you for all your help!

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    xpeu Guest
    I had the same problem, Thanks!

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