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Thread: Source code of crypto_spu help?

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    aburezk Guest

    Source code of crypto_spu help?

    i need to know how to change source code of crypto_spu & crypto_ppu

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    misiozol Guest
    Can you please explain bit more as for regular user they are useless.

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    aburezk Guest
    • fetch your lv0 from the selected OFW.
    • run 1.bat by double clicking it, it'll split lv0 and decrypt the loaders, then move them to a folder named loaders
    • open FILE0.BIN with HxD and go to the last offset of the file
    • find (ctrl+f) 00 00 00 01 datatype hex-values, search direction backward
    • go to the offset AFTER the selection (in 4.46 that would be 0x64B74)
    • select EVERYTHING from there until the end of the file and save that selection in a new file
    • name the new file lv1ldr-enc and move it to the 2 folder
    • run 2.bat (you might have to change the source code of crypto-ppu or crypto spu with new or old key revisions)
    • now go to the loaders folder and patch the loaders as you wish.
    • afterwards move them to the 3 folder and run 3.bat . it'll sign the loaders
    • move lv1ldr from 3 folder to 2 folder
    • run the scramble batch and move lv1ldr_enc2 to 4
    • move lv0.elf and the patched signed loaders (lv2ldr, isoldr, appldr) to 4.
    • compare the size of each encrypted loader unpatched and patched
    • fill the rest of each patched loader with zeroes until they match the size of the unpatched one

    append the files following this order:

    1. lv1ldr-enc2
    2. lv2ldr
    3. isoldr
    4. appldr
    • name the new file new_loaders.bin
    • go to the same offset as the one you found lv1ldr on (0x64B74)
    • patch new_loaders.bin directly on that offset with paste write
    • check if the patch goes all the way to a SCE header.
    • sign the file with 4.bat

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