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Thread: Sorry to ask but can anyone fill me in on some things?

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    BigBossPW Guest

    Smile Sorry to ask but can anyone fill me in on some things?

    I've been sort of out the loop due to lack of online facilities, but I have a few Questions about the recent jailbreak.

    Is work underway to prevent consoles from being banned? I don't really play online but I've bought a lot of games on PSN.

    Is it true work on a PSP emulator for PS3 is underway?

    Will the PS2 emulator only work on BC models, or all of them?

    I appreciate any answers.

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    EiKii Guest
    well for the moment you cant use it online as 3.42 firmware got released and now its mandatory, so for the moment you cant go online, and what i know of there has not been any bans, the one that spread like a wildfire over the net i think was marked as fake, but as you ask i guess people are working as hard as they can developing the jb and eventually sometime there will be cfw, but for the moment you have to be on fw 3.41 to use it,

    not that i'm aware of but i guess it wouldent be impossible, as it was released not to long ago there hasent been very much homebrew yet but ppl are working their ass of i guess so in the near future more and more will pop up as we learn what can be done and cant with the jb, maybe someone is working to get it to work on all that would be the soft emu.

    time will tell but from here on it will go fast!

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    BigBossPW Guest
    Ahh right thank you, I'll just be patient then

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