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Thread: Sony PS3 supported capturing software?

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    vickycool5 Guest

    Sony PS3 supported capturing software?

    Hi all,

    In this thread, we will discuss about the tools and softwares supported by Sony PS3.

    Anyone knows video capturing software for PS3 ? Because Xbox 360 has its own inbuilt function that PS3 doesn't have it.

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    hellospaceboy Guest
    Theres a rumour that Sony will be adding a feature to take a screenshot of games in the next firmware update.
    Maybe they will allow us to take a screenshot of the XMB or video/dvd/bluray, but I think it's more likely to happen to the games.

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    idone Guest
    there is nothing "official" that i have heard of.

    But there is a device called HDFURY and it will strip the hdcp (high definition content protection" from the hdmi or dvi signal and then you can record it on your pc if you have a video card with compatible input for these signals.

    as is i can record with s-video but the card in my pc isnt the best and the video somewhat lags so game play is rough at best when trying to do this.

    But just so you know there are options out there for recording your game play. But if you dont already own the hardware required plan on spending some $$ to be able to do it. :'(

    good luck

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    GGG20 Guest
    Heey Idone..

    Do you know if this method also works for a ps3 Test-version?

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    idone Guest

    On your test there is an option to turn of hdcp, so hdfury is not needed.

    But yea, if you can record video sources on your pc and have the proper connection to match up to your pc's video input your good to go..

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