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    StanSmith Guest

    Sony Factory Service Mode (FSM) 4.25 help?

    Hi, got a question for someone that knows about FSM.

    I'm getting a console that has been returned from Sony in FSM. Its supposed to be firmware 4.25. What can be done? Can it exit service mode? Can it downgrade? Is it stuck in FSM?

    Any hints would be good. I got dongles for FSM and downgrade other consoles under 3.55 without problems but I've never had one in FSM over 3.55 before.

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    TitanTX Guest
    If it has been returned by someone to Sony chances are that the person probably upgraded the console while in FSM to 4.25. However the possibility of exiting FSM may not happen due to it been 4.25 and we would need the LV2Diag.self in order to exit FSM which we do not have. Downgrading is not an option, i guess you are fairly stuck in FSM until a way is found to exit it.

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    windrider42 Guest
    When you get it you will see for sure what it is, as even if its in FSM you can boot it up and see. And you can check the model number of PS3 as well to see what lowest firmware it is capable of.

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    StanSmith Guest
    K thanks TitanTX. This console was returned from Sony in FSM with 4.25 installed. They wanted to charge for it to get repaired and the owner said to just return it instead. It was a working console but it didn't read discs so he sent it to Sony and this is how they returned it, in FSM mode still on 4.25.

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    PLAYER 1 Guest
    Take a dump of it with a flasher and try sony to fix it to normal state, if they can do it just compare dumps.
    Just a crazy idea.

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    tri Guest

    Stick Out Tongue

    what is your PS3 actually you have ?? (cech ??)

    1. If your PS3 is below 355 SKU (ex:Fat), though it was update firmware issue (bluetooth broken or 356v1 issue) before sent to SONY, so there is nothing special for that case, just downgadre back to 355 using flasher then take out FSM with Lv2diag2.

    2. If your PS3 is newest one (ex:3K), so its should be BIG NEWS for any devs...


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    StanSmith Guest
    Its a 60GB fat. CECHC02. It's in FSM. Its on firmware 4.25.

    With all the keys and access we got now sure there isn't anything we can do? Isn't there a way to kick it out of FSM?

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    windrider42 Guest
    Have you tried to use the exit lv2diag.self and kick it out with downgrade dongle?

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    StanSmith Guest
    Yep, tried that. Takes about 4 mins and just returns to XMB still in FSM.

    I cant upgrade to downgrade as when I go to UPDATE it says it cant read from USB. I tried different USB drives from different slots and none work. It can see the drive just wont read the update file from it. I tried multiple files.

    If I connect to LAN and tell it to update via Internet will it still be in FSM if I update or will that kick it out to normal mode? I'm thinking still in FSM thats why I didn't try it yet.

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    tri Guest
    as i said above, you can not use lv2diag.self as long as your firmware up to 355, so the way to fix your problem is DOWNGRADE back to 355 using Flasher (Progskeet/E3) !!

    Do not use FSM dongle anymore after downgrade finish cause your console already FSM, so just use Lv2diag-1.self put into root usb with OFW/CFW 355 wait till the update proses finish. then use second lv2diag.self to exit from FSM.. thats the way to fix your problem !!


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