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    Shinedown141 Guest

    Unhappy Something is wrong with my ps3 laser

    My PS3 wont read my discs does anyone know why?

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    idone Guest
    I would say that it is very likely your laser, unless it stopped working first thing after an update.

    Does it still read any media eg. cd,dvd??

    If you have a warranty still i would suggest to send it in to sony, if not it is much cheaper to replace the laser yourself than pay for an out of warranty repair.

    There is a tutorial posted HERE on how to do it.

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    cmcgivern Guest
    mine just did the same thing, but it was right after the 53 update... sony won't take responsibility for it but I've seen that there are alot of people who've had the same problem after the update... ideas?

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    idone Guest
    in your case i would use the recovery menu to reinstall the firmware... if that doesnt work i would send it in (if in warranty)

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