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Thread: Some questions on PS3 CECHG03 help?

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    envelopes Guest

    Some questions on PS3 CECHG03 help?

    I bought a 40Gb fat console with firmware 2.76 (stock - not downgraded to this version)

    Here are my questions:

    1. Can the 2.76 console just be updated straight away to any CFW (for example latest Rebug version), or do i need to update to OFW 3.55, then update again to CFW 3.55?

    2. Can the update(s) be carried out from the XMB menu or does it have to be in the recovery?

    3. Which CFW is considered the best (seems to be Rebug)

    4. I won't be going online to play (using Xbox One for MP). I'll still want to FTP data from my laptop to console - which FTP client is the best?

    5. How can I prevent banning? from what I can remember from years ago you could change some network settings to disable sony servers from accessing your console to check firmware yet still have network access to FTP. How do you sign in a profile offline. I'm not bothered about trophies

    6 .Are there any homebrew/apps that are considered essential/recommended, and which are the best emulators (such as which SNES is the best)?

    Thank you

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    misiozol Guest
    1. OFW 3.55
    2. CFW 3.55 kmeaw
    3. Enable QA flag and check if it is enabled and delete enabler so you don't disable by mistake
    4. Dump EID key with eid key dumper it will help decrypt ps3 HDD in case of ps3 death so data can be retrieved, and transfer it to external usb drive
    5. Check if check sum is correct on downloaded update package and Install CFW of your choice rogero, rebug etc. 4.46
    6. Install corresponding to FW file manager of your choice multiman, iris etc.

    Just skip no.1

    no.3 Is quite obvious use toggle_qa.pkg use key combo navigate to Network settings and press L1, L2, L3, R1, R2, and down on the d-pad.

    go to debug settings and find SYSTEM DEBUG UPDATE switch to ON , simple will allow you to use option of installing FW to HDD and you can have couple of them no need for usb next time very useful to jump between CFW or 3.55 and any other

    no.4, Download eEID_RKDumper.pkg , install it , then run it console will dump eid key to hdd in dev_hdd0/tmp/ it will be file 48b in size named eid_root_key use file manager like multiman and copy it to external hdd/flashdrive. It's important to do it while on 3.55cfw as it only works on 3.55 and that's it , In case your console will die you will be able to decrypt HDD and recover ALL DATA

    And format usb drive in fat32, CFW check check sum with external program on your PC like MD5 & SHA Checksum Utility.exe if they are matching !!

    I would go to 4.46 is perfect I would recommend rogero hybryd 4.46 or rebug 4.46.1 REX or most curently - habib cobra 4.55 v1.03 starts iso and plays ps2 games

    No.5 you cant as NO ONE know ways of $ony , simply disable acces to internet in router by MAC filtering , firewall ,etc.

    No.6 lots of them just use search

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    ripplar Guest
    1. I would update to 3.55 first.
    2. It can but recovery is safer
    3. Depends on what features you want. I use cobra 4.46
    4. Multiman has a built in ftp service
    5. Don't know as I have 2 ps3's one for offline and one for online
    6. Multiman, reACTpsn

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    windrider42 Guest
    I would do as misiozol posted but just adding

    1. Yes always update to 3.55 first
    2. I always use XMB
    3. Rogero, Rebug, Cobra is all good depends what you are wanting from a CFW
    4. Blackbox for 4.xx CFW in my opinion, FlashFXp on pc
    5. Retroarch, or use single emulators posted below

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    misiozol Guest
    Ahh yes you are both correct , I did copy/paste my older post to someone on 3.55 and did not notice there is "Just skip no.1" , about the ftp well any good ftp client will be gr8 on PC and black box is gr8 for use on ps3 direct , if you are using multiman and sending lots of data make sure you disable in option power save/off function as it's set by default to 60min and console after this time will go to standby in middle of transfer

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