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Thread: Some questions to prevent PS3 YLOD help?

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    saito1234 Guest

    Some questions to prevent PS3 YLOD help?

    So my PS3 got YLOD 2 times already, first time it has been reflowed, and it lasted around 20 months, now it has been reballed, so I hope it will last longer.

    My 40 GB FAT PS3 usually had temps 76C/68C after gaming a few hours, and I have tested Iris Manager with PayLoad mode (only in the last days before the YLOD...), and temps were around 64C/55C after gaming, which already sounds much better.

    My question is, that usually what part of the console overheats when the YLOD happens? If the GPU/CPU doesn't overheats that can minimize the chance of the YLOD, or are there other parts which can overheat and we can't prevent it?

    So, basically if my CPU/GPU is always cool from now on, with Iris Manager, and they're only 64C/55C I have much less chance to get a YLOD?
    Or are there parts in the PS3, which the fan can't cool either ways, and they will still overheat?

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    niwakun Guest
    Play safe and set it to A0 at manual mode, kinda noisy but not that much but that should save you from getting any heat building inside your unit.

    Although my GPU never get any higher than 51C after playing a game (with 15second delay after game quit to multiman) but it can lower as 47c in idle as far as I can remember.

    CPU temps were insane though, from 68-74c on hard core graphics like TLoU and other games stays at 62c

    Also watch out for Power Supply since that monster can set a record as the hottest thing inside your console.

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    saito1234 Guest
    Isn't it kinda bad for the fan though, if you set it to A0 manual mode, and it always have to spin that fast?

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    niwakun Guest
    its up to you, if you want a cool ps3 without fan rpm modfication, then leave the unit out of its shell so heat wont build up inside your unit.

    plus I used this very same fan on EZ Chill mod in maximum setting back then but till today its still running fine, probably 4 years already?

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    saito1234 Guest
    That's nice to know, I read that some people claim the PS3 fan will die fast if it's used like this, because it isn't designed for such fast speeds, but if it worked for you for 4 years already, that means that the fan itself probably isn't that bad.

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    misiozol Guest
    The problem is in thermal compound under IHS on both CPU/GPU it needs replacing same as on top as in under IHS it is hard job to do but you can achieve temps between 40-45*C on both cpu and gpu with out any tinkering with fan speed, as thermal compound I would recommend NT-H1 as it near as good as liquid metal

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    JeoWay Guest
    To be honest, what I do is have a fan near the console.

    I also keep it away from the television and the wall by putting Velcro on the bottom of the console and making it stick to the edge of my entertainment stand. Make sure the PS3 has AT LEAST 3 feet away from any object such as a wall on ALL 4 sides of the console. This will allow better ventilation

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    niwakun Guest
    ^many people do that but still they get YLOD even with tremendous of external cooling job on PS3 without modification on PS3, unless you have done some cooling mods on it, which is increasing the fan speed is always a good thing, but some people out there is freaking out with the noise.

    misiozol: IHS thermal replacement is only done if you are getting very frequent overheating problems, I also think for the solution for making my PS3 cooler by replacing the Thermal paste under the core CPU's and GPU/RAM. Still they dont have much difference with temps from before and after.

    But someone already done a Mineral Oil cooling on PS3 and it seems to be effective since his PS3 temps never raised above 15c CPU and GPU.

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    Liongooder Guest
    In my country the voltage is 210V while the console is 110V which will get a YLOD in less than 3 months unless you use an adapter (the one with replaceable fuses)

    Have a nice day.

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    elser1 Guest
    its faulty design and heath concerns of leaded solder that causes ylod. so how do you stop it. its like asking how to prevent cancer. unfortunately you can't. unless you change all the solder or maybe take your ps3 apart and put it in a massive pc tower with triple cooling every where its only a matter of time. hopefully it will be years though. i'd make a back up of the hdd and by a cheap slim. they seem ok.

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