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Thread: Some Questions About PS3 Slims help?

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    Prince Valiant Guest

    Some Questions About PS3 Slims help?

    I just recently bought one so I can play games I buy that require new firmware. On with my questions:

    Added fans have made play time a non-issue with my fat. What's the longest amount of time I should play for?

    Do all the slims have wifi?

    Do I need to update sequentially? I presume no, since each update is larger than the last. I want to be sure though.

    Thanks to whoever answers me.

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    CJPC Guest
    1 - Slims run much cooler, I'll let someone else chime in on play time, but I wouldn't play for over 3 hours without taking a break, at the very least to go for a walk, don't need you dying from health issues related to not moving!

    2 - Yes, they do

    3 - No, every update is inclusive of the old ones, so you could in theory, go from 1.00 right to 3.65 without any issue (not on a slim, it started around ~2.70 but you get the idea)

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    Prince Valiant Guest
    Walking around isn't much of an option where I live, unless I want to choke on dust. Thanks for answering my questions. I'll wait to close this until after I get a little more input on play time.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    I don't think there's ever been an instance of the heat related YLOD on slims, I've never come across one anyway.

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    kombat75 Guest
    Did you mean the PS3 FAT will get easily HOT and YLOD if we play more than 3hrs ?

    I worry as I been playing games and testing my transfer games for more than 3hrs..
    The longest i been on my ps3 was 4hrs 30mns

    Hopefully everything is FINE..

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    severusx Guest
    I've played my Slim for 8+ hours (much to the detriment of my health as CJPC noted ) without any issues. They don't get hot like the Fats do, so it will last longer than any play session you can endure.

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    elser1 Guest
    a few years back i played my fat 40 gig for 36+hours straight (after using amphetamines)and all was fine.. it doesn't overheat, touch wood, and since i've put a 500gbyte hdd it runs even cooler never had extra fan or mod of any kind... probably cooler than my slim 320gbyte.. i play nearly every day for between 2 to 10 hours (being single sucks)

    oh and i move to go to the fridge and to the toilet and to drive to the chemist everyday.. LOL

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    Natepig Guest
    What do you need from the chemist everyday? Is it a legal chemist or some guy that stays a couple of blocks away?

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    CJPC Guest
    His amphetamines of course!

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    Natepig Guest
    The guy in you avatar looks like he could use some.

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