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Thread: Some PS3 Slim questions from a newbie

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    wwywong Guest

    Some PS3 Slim questions from a newbie

    Hi, I've been around the PSP and WII scene for a while, but I am a newbie in PS3 scene. I just got a PS3slim last week (due to the price obviously, but with the sacrifice of "other OS" feature ).

    After researching online to see what I can play around with the PS3 (my interest are mainly hacks, homebrew, tricks, etc.), I am disappointed to see there aren't much (especially for slim).

    I do have couple of questions though. I tried to find them online, but not a lot of people are talking about them. (in fact, I think more people are interested in the games themselves than playing with the PS3's "other" aspects.) Anyway, here are my questions:
    1. My PS3 slim comes with FW2.76 by default. What is the best firmware to stay on? Or we have no choice but to upgrade to the latest? Because I heard people having tons of problem with each updates. It is the same with PSP, except we are "recommended" to stay in a best firmware until the later one is "customized". Same with WII. I am just wondering whether it's the same with PS3. Is 3.01 good enough to go for?

    2. About audio of PS3: Just curious, can 7.1 audio (DolbyTrueHD or DTSMasterAudio) go thru optical out? Or it can only go thru HDMI? I only have a 5.1 system, so I have no way to verify, but I see the display of info being different if I play AVCHD that have 7.1 (even thru my optical). It says "multi-channel" instead of "5.1"

    3. I heard that 7.1 doesn't play in "file mode" of PS3. Only plays in "bluray/disc/avchd mode". Why is that? Is it still the case as of 3.01 fw?

    4. What's the different between LPCM and bitstream? I read some info online saying something about seeing the TrueHD or DTS-HD text in their receiver, but I still don't get it. Are they the same? Is LPCM analog output? Is LPCM the inferior one? Any quality lost with LPCM?

    5. About Video of PS3: Did PS3 support VC-1 format? How is it comparing to the more popular H.264 format?

    6. Is 1080/24p only happening in movies (bluray, avchd, etc.)? I see the back of games show compatible resolution, but never one of them said anything about 24p.

    7. This is more like a side track. When playing bluray movie, my tv(Samsung LN46A540) shows "1080 @24Hz"(it is not 1080i, because it will show), is that 24p mode? But my tv doesn't have 120Hz or 240Hz, so is that still possible to have 24p in my tv? I cannot find anywhere that says my model have/doesn't have 24p.

    8. I have Sony's micro vault Tiny 8GB not being recognized by PS3. Anyone have the same experience? Why can't Sony recognize its own brand device? I am just puzzled...

    Sorry for being a bit long. Thanks in advance for any comments/ideas!

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    OGroteKoning Guest
    I am also fairly new when it comes to PS3. had mine from March 09.

    I would recommend sticking to a firmware until such time you are certain there are no major bugs/glitches left. I loaded 3.00. A lot of others who did had huge problems and sony worked on those and issued 3.01. As far as I know, there are little or no problems with the latest. Golden rule however - wait before you download and install.

    Check out

    I would have loved to help you with the rest of the answers, but I can't. I am looking forward to answers from other experienced guys

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