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    [UnAnswered] Some noob questions..

    Hello everyone.. Have some questions and wonder if there is a thread started somewhere that I can read. I don't want to ask questions that have been answered countless times. Questions like..

    1. Whats the best update to have or what update shouldn't be installed?

    2. If I install the "otheros" I assume it creates another partition on the HDD.. Is there a utility to restore the HDD to original if I wanted to go back to "stock"?

    3. What files should I backup "just in case"?

    4. What functions does the power button preform? I read something out holding for one beep and for two beeps?

    5. If I set the "otheros" as the default booter, how do I get it back to booting as stock?

    I could keep going but I'm sure these have all been asked. Is there any threads that go over this, like a sticky somewhere? I have a modded Xbox (not 360) so I'm guessing the mods for PS3 are somewhat similar as far as homebrew apps..


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    Excellent, thank you. When I asked about backing up files, I ment system files like the original Xbox has.

    Thanks again.

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    Is there a way to launch the otheros.bld from the PS3 OS without making it the default?

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    No there isn't. At least not yet

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