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    Tim14ww Guest

    Question Some help with my PS3 Blu-ray drive?

    I recently bought a PS3, but when I got it it won't suck or eject Discs. After an hour of watching videos and trying some things the Drive wants to eat and eject Discs, but won't read them yet. I tried it manually (without the top), and after a few tries manually it readed the disc!

    I think it has to do something with this:

    It doesn't have a spring? also when you push it, it won't spring back automatically.

    I added some more pictures as info. I really hope you can help me..

    Thanks in advance,


    (Sorry for my bad english)

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    racer0018 Guest
    What did the drive come out of, so I can take one apart and look. Thanks

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    Tim14ww Guest
    Thanks! It i sfrom a CECHJ04 PS3.. I tried some more things now, and I am 95% sure that it is the top of the drive, since that is used to raise the laser? and that is the thing that isn't working..

    Little update: The plastic thingy that I marked in red on the picture hadn't had a spring, so I replaced it from another broken drive I had (other model). That didn't work.

    So, now it will eat and eject cds, but when a cd is inserted it keeps spinning for a few seconds and then will do nothing since the laser won't rise up..

    Another update: Got one of the two arms (the left one, with the motor), working. now the right one needs to come up..

    Anyone can help me with the right arm?

    Last edit: I got it working!!

    Close please,


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