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Thread: Some General PS3 CFW Questions help?

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    IceBlade Guest
    The model number of the console is: "CECH-2003A". I set Debug update to "On" and some additional options showed but they aren't applicable to me. The reason i want to be able to switch between Dex/Cex modes is because I want to have a go at developing software and debugging games as I've seen on YouTube.

    If Rebug REX edition offers these features then I'll gladly install that but I've heard it does not allow linking with the SDK and Tools etc.


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    misiozol Guest
    It's very hard to say why it wont accept update even newest one OFW4.50 , I do believe for this options you need has to be converted to DEX , I would say it's flashdrive or console is converted to dex hard to say if you not there in person

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    IceBlade Guest
    Okay folks, the PS3 has detected the Rebug 3.55.4 update thankfully. I'm currently proceeding with the update.

    The issue was The PS3 wasn't detecting the Usb drive at all. A good way to check this is to insert it, then look under the music tab and it will show USB storage if it's detected, otherwise it will not. This was the issue for me, I switched to another USB flash drive and it showed up so I could then update.


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