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Thread: Some basic PS3 questions

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    swinster Guest

    Some basic PS3 questions

    Hi all,

    I have been working with PCs and networks for many years but I am a complete noob to the PS3. I have just bought an 80GB model and am now just starting to realise that I can do more with it then play games and watch BluRay movies. So I have a few questions

    1. The first thing I did after hooking it up to my Wi-Fi net was to upgrade the firmware to 2.6 Was this a wise move? If not, is there anything that can be done?
    2. Can I read and write to a Windows Network share as I run a SBS 2003 server with most of my media on? I'm guessing I now need to install Linux of some kind. I don't think streaming HD movies/programs would be too good over Wi-Fi (I will install ethernet soon), but I could copy them to the PS3 and play direct I guess.
    3. Can I view the PS3 drive from a network PC?
    4. I have a lot of MKV files stored on my server. Can I play these on the PS3? (I have just seen a thread entitled MKV2PS3 - so I guess this is a a start)
    5. Can backup game disks and play without the original disk installed?

    Is there anything I should look at immediately?

    Can you edit posts here?

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    XaNxAn Guest
    hi there, actually u can watch ur movie file by online streaming using ur wifi by connecting to ur share networks wasnt that bad afterall.. not much lag tho.. most of the time its pretty smooth too.. why not u try it 1st.. save u alot of work rather then formatting ur hdd n install linux n all.. by streaming just 1 click away to solve ur problem.. haha so much more convienient man.. cheers

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    Quote Originally Posted by swinster View Post
    Can backup game disks and play without the original disk installed?

    Can you edit posts here?
    Some additional answers:

    No, there is no way to currently play back-up PS3 games on the PS3. There is, however, a way to play back-up PS2 games on the PS3... see HERE for it.

    And regular users can edit posts for grammar/spelling etc for (5) minutes after the post it made, then only Moderators can edit them.

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