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    IslaTurbine Guest
    Has anyone here tried to use an internal 2.5 solid state hdd?

    With all the madness of the new jailbreak happening, it's got me seeing the necessity for a larger drive. Stumbled upon this one on Newegg:

    Is there any reason a solid state won't work? I couldn't seem to find anything. I would think it would help the PS3 run a little quieter and cooler.



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    Apr 2005
    It will work, see here for a PS3 ssd speed test: http://www.ps4news.com/playstation-3...-speed-test-1/

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    IslaTurbine Guest
    Ah great. For some reason I couldn't dig that up on here. Thanks.

    Follow up: I get what those results were showing, but that test also wasn't considering the current scenario of running backups of my games off the hdd. I gotta think that it would show a speed difference in that regard. hmmmm....

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    laggmaster Guest
    well if price isnt an option i would go with the "50 pack of hdds" ...I know that they arnt SSD but you would have enough storage for every ps3 game to come out for the next coupple of years...

    but if your hard set on an SSD i would say wait another year for the prices to come down ive been watching the prices for a long time waiting for them to get reasonable to buy large amounts of storage in SSD... chances are that you could get a lot more storage for about the same price in about a year. i would advise you to buy a larger conventional HDD for your ps3 for the time being... if your planing on piracy like most people are your drive space will serve you better than quick load times...

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