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    PS Button Color [UnAnswered] So can we update safely now?

    Another COLD weekend is upon us... but we did manage to catch word from a PARAkeet today (lol @ beer for dogs too! ) that PS3 v1.50 and v1.51 Firmware have both been tested now with the PDX iSO Loader after a few weeks delay. Hopefully the results will surface publically soon in an NFO file or similar celeb (Dr. Phil, Oprah, etc) fashion.
    So is this the green light for us to update? coz am so exited to play GT HD

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    I'd personally wait to hear the official verdict from PDX... but at least they've had time to actually test 1.50/1.51 now.

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    What's the next Paradox release? And when if anyone knows...

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    Im guessing formula one 06?? but done quote me lol im just guessing...well whatever it is i hope its soon lol i bought resistance on the same day the 1.5 update came out so im itching to pop in that online!!!

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