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Thread: Skyrim saved data owned by another user help?

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    ashkopf Guest

    Skyrim saved data owned by another user help?


    I did a search to see if anyone had this same problem and I couldn't find anything. Last night a power surge went through my ps3 which made it reset. When i turned it on, the email address i used to sign on to the psn disappeared and i forgot what it was since it wasn't my primary email address. so now i can't access any of my saved games on my primary psn ID.

    I got this message when i tried to play skyrim Skyrim - this saved data is owned by another user. trophies cannot be unlocked and saving will not be allowed.

    Does anyone know of a way to transfer the skyrim saved files from one ps3 ID to another on the same machine? Any help would be appreciated thanks

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    Ninjallc Guest
    I can transfer your skyrim save to a different PSN and it won't say that message.

    There is a guide here half way down the page: How to Use Someone Else's PS3 Game Save Guide - Liberating Your PS3 Game Save

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    pauliux963 Guest
    Or you can just use the Rebug CFW feature - fake save game owner.

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