Short version: i'm looking to get my dirty paws on any un/official Skyrim game updates out there.

Long version: Finally got around to unwrap my original copy of Skyrim .. straight from the box and 100% free of dirty fingerprints .. and what happens? I get 49 seconds into the game (seriously, not kidding) and the game freezes in total lockup. May i add that my ps3 has NEVER before locked up (without a know reason).

Aaaaanyways, a bit of searching and it seems like this game is pretty much only playable if you upgrade it to fix the major freezes/lag. Alas i'm "stuck" on my ol' Rogero 4.30 and going online to get updates isn't really a option, sorry.

I do recall there being released "scene" game upgrades a while back (like a 2.05 pkg i think). Been searching but i'm only getting dead links .. so anyone out there wanna help a old cat getting past the initial BLES 01329 v2.0 pit of despair?