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Thread: skip bd drive check in psgroove?

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    sykoNsc Guest

    skip bd drive check in psgroove?

    ok this is gonna sound stoopid but i have a ps3 i bought off a guy for 80 bucks, he said the bluray was bad but when i swapped that drive to another ps3 and swapped the boards the drive worked fine, but when i put it back in the one it came out of with the board that came off of it it doesn't work.

    i think he may have swapped the whole drive and neglected to swap the boards... question is how do i get ftp server or open manager or anything else to work without the bd drive being recognized? Is there a way to bypass the device check when psgroove loads?

    when i try to start either ftp servers or bm's the screen flashes then sits at black screen and everything is unresponsive-power button, ps button, eject, nothing works- so i have to hard reset. i'm using the ti84 port and have tried several versions/payloads and nothing so far. thanks in advanced.

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    brickcitybg Guest
    It could be the board that's bad and not the drive. I know that's the case with mine. Drive works fine in another ps3 with another board. I've even replaced an IC that people say causes the issue but mine is still a no-go.

    You could try replacing it, but I didn't have any luck.

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    sykoNsc Guest
    kool, thanks for the info. i'll def. look into that when i get off work this evening.

    does the new chip have to be programmed with anything to work?

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    SnoopDo2G Guest
    i'm having a ps3 that doesn't have a BR drive and no controller board... on FW 2.60 and i couldn't update at all, so i think this problem will maybe be resolved when the PS3 is fully hacked with lv1 access and a CFW...

    who knows what we could do in a few weeks/months... mwe could even put any BR Drive with any controller board maybe some day. But for now i think it's not possible.

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