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Thread: sixaxis psp

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    D33ZNUTZX Guest

    Question sixaxis psp

    Do you think that Sony will produce a sixaxis psp in the future?

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    DareDaEvil Guest
    lol tat would be nice if $ony actually did it... we would just move around the device and play some nice games... tho it looks like we will hav a new psp... and this is in the wrong section isnt it ?

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    dootimestwo Guest
    I hope so.... the psp is a wonderful device, but I think a lot of the reason they can't sell games for it is because you really can't make a true FPS on the system. That to me is the psp's one downfall.

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    Zeronimoe Guest
    i dont think so, maybe in the next generation of portable gaming of sony because new games have to be compatible with te old types of psp- psp 1000 and psp 2000.

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