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    Fr33m4n Guest

    Sixaxis problems. Need help

    The right analogue stick of my sixaxis controller have started acting up. If I move it to a certain angle and let go the spring function will not engage and the analogue stick will sort of just be dangeling in the middle with no resistance making it nearly impossible to controll.

    The spring function will tend to loose it's hold a lot on it and the stick will then just give way to my thumb preasure making me do unpredictable things in the game I'm playing because the strange thing is that while the spring looses hold the stick still records and sends the signal to the PS3.

    I tried taking the controller apart but found that the analogue stick is enclosed in a casing that is soldered to the PCBand there seems to be little I can do. If anyone have had any similar experiences and been able to fix it I would grately appriciate any help.

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    towerblocks Guest
    I have a problem with the left thumb stick on mine, Pressing up and down is slow at responding, But left and right is fine, I've tried resetting the controller, Resyncing it, Nothing works, A few times i smacked it hard and its gone ok for a while, Then it goes back after a while, In COD4 when i try and run buy holding the button down, I got to run the gun moves forward then it stops, I'm getting pretty fedup with it, I think a new controller is the only answer.

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    photonix Guest
    Try it with a short air compressor shot

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    Fr33m4n Guest
    Nothing I have tried works. I just re assembled the controller. Couldn't quite get the R1 perfectly back in place but at least it still works. I'll see if I'm able to take it back. I've only had it since christmas so it should be fine.

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    fred5640 Guest
    you have the guarantee so go to the shop .... or buy a new controller, take the dual shock 3 it's better

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    alejandro550 Guest
    yes the sixasis is very soft try a ds3

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    ironstealth Guest
    thats how my original (launch) controller was- bought a new one 5 months ago and has had no problems so it must have been fixed- every controller has their own seperate 1 year warranties too

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