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    tsiturbotsi Guest

    Exclamation SIXAXIS Controller Locking up?!?

    I bought my PS3 a few months after release and have always had problems with my SIXAXIS controllers locking up at random times. If Im playing a racing game the car will continue to move in what ever direction I was pushing the analog stick in. Or if Im playing GTA4 Niko walks in circles. I always check if the battery is low and it never is. Was wondering if anyone was having this same problem? Thanx.

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    brownrt Guest
    I have this issue from time to time with a lot of controllers, not specificly the ps3 controller. Saying you have a faulty controller is the easy answer, but my ps2 controller had this problem because there was "grime, filth, dirt, etc" in the "ball" area of the analog stick. I recommend unscrewing the controller and swabbing the innards with a qtip and a bit of alcohol.

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