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    rawright Guest

    Red Face simple ps3 hdd question

    what does YOUR ps3 do when you turn it on without the HD in it? mine flashes yellow and shuts right off. i thought you had a menu or something is this normal because idk whats wrong the hard drive or system?

    what does it do normally without a hd in it?

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    980001267 Guest

    When I turned on my PS3 console with the its hdd bay empty, it says the following:

    "Cannot start. The correct hard disk was not found." Along with the default animated wavy background.

    It doesn't give you any options by controller. You basically have to power the system off. Mine was a 60 GB PS3 model. Maybe the other ps3 models react differently with no hdd in the system?

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    googler99899 Guest
    no idea still waiting on my ps3 to be shipped

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    I Kick Puppies Guest
    Wont boot without the hdd. What exactly are you trying to do?

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    gtxboyracer Guest
    Hmmm.. yeah well it kinda sounds like you are just playing with it? Its not intended to be booted up with no hard drive inside.

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