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    Post Signing elf with ebootMOD's make_self to run over OFW help?

    hi! I wish to inform you that the elf can be signed to an EBOOT.BIN with the make_self.exe of ebootFIX/ebootMOD. make_self_npdrm.exe by geohot and makeself.exe by fail0verflow don't work for me.

    I mean running without packaging. the makeself by fail0verflow and the make_self by ebootMOD seems to make the same output but the second one seem to cut an entirely section (near the end). So the question for you is: "signing elf with ebootMOD's make_self can make an executable run over a OFW?" I mean... putting it on a BD...

    so this bring me to the second question: "what's the difference between an original game and a 1:1 copy of that media!?" I wish to know that from when I was 10 and nobody still haven't answer me yet I often heard that's something relative to TOC and the code of the producer of the media but I wish to know something more specific

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    Not sure on the first question myself, but for the second one if you are just seeking general info quite some time ago THIS was released which includes Directboot_notes.pdf that touches upon the differences for PS2 discs.

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    Hi evildevil,

    about first question if you put a signed eboot, as you said, into a BD, it doesn't work because bd drive seeks some information concerning system protection that a bd copy cannot give. In order to make it working you should patch the firmware of the bd drive, fw contained into original fw you usually use when you update your ps3. About it I read recently someone was trying to patch it, but so far nothing is known about how it ended.

    About second question an original game bd contains two protections, one concerning the disc you cannot emulate, the other concerning eboot signed with keys of the fw that you can replicate with the tools and keys today available.

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    thank you for the answers! it seems that THEY improved ps3 protection system over blueray because datel hasn't released any ps3 action replay or other stuff yet.

    basically it seems that for psx/ps2 you need "only" to hack the firmware of your PC mastering drive to skip ECC/DCC error checking to make direct boot CDs/DVDs but if datel seems to be dead over PS3 side it means the protection system has been improved... so until we don't see any unofficial direct boot PS3 BD it keep staying *unbreakable*

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    Yes, apart from signing eboots, the whole BD is also signed/flagged so it can't be emulated even if making a straight 1:1 BD copy.

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