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    AhmadkaX2 Guest

    Big Grin Sign in PSN safely when running 3.50 via USB Firmware loader?

    Hey all .. pretty self explanatory question here .. Is it possible to sign into PSN when running the latest 3.50 firmware via the USB firmware loader ?

    And can this be considered safe, assuming you rid your PS3 with all homebrew stuff before trying this ?

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    dragonsan Guest
    um and how do you want to dump 3.50 ? ^^ since the jailbreak can't run on newer firmwares, you don't even has a chance to dump down the /dev_flash folder. so the answer is simple. you can't.

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    AhmadkaX2 Guest
    oh I see ... so I guess you need an actual dump of the flash ... I was thinking that maybe we can just use the 3.50 firmware PUP file to carry this out .. my bad .. thanks for this clarification ..

    I just wanted to run 3.50 because I wanna get that Killzone 3 BETA ... I hate making hard choices ..

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