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    dm5c Guest

    Shadow of Colossus & Team ICO PS3 help?

    hi i am a new user. i have shadow of colossus & team ico backup. its around 8.2 gb on pc.

    i want top play the game on ps3. how to transfer it. my usb drive is only 7.4 gb?? my ps3 is 3.55 kmeaw with multiman.

    thanks for help. plz

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    Natepig Guest
    I'm not sure about that particular game, but if you might be able to delete language files to save space. Have a look through the game folders and look for sound files, ending in eng, ger, fre, etc. If you find files like that you can delete all the ones except your native language.

    Also delete the update folder.

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    racer0018 Guest
    Use an FTP program for the ps3 and one for your computer and do it that way. Or use an external USB drive to transfer it. Thanks.

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    dm5c Guest
    ok i have deleted some files, but one file size is abt 6.3 gb but fat32 has 4gb cap. if i do it in ntfs ps3 and multiman doesn't recognize the flash drive. is there a way to copy those without wifi or net related stuff?

    thanks for help

    the 6.1 gn file is psarc file. i have hrd the psarc file extracter. so where i have to put those extracted files?

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    windrider42 Guest
    Use Karmian File Splitter. Click on Execute and direct it to the correct path to split the psarc file.

    Once that is done you can either save the Original psarc file somewhere or delete it.

    Then copy the game to your USB and I always name it with "_" in front of the title like _BCUS99086-[Uncharted 3 Drakes Deception Game of the Year] and then you can play the game from External USB and multiman will cache the files too internal.

    Or you can copy the game to internal and multiman will rebuild the file into one psarc.

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