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Thread: Several questions before upgrading HDD

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    tubbies Guest

    Several questions before upgrading HDD

    I have an external HDD with 2 partitions. Both FAT32, but 1 of them has data in it. Will I be able to backup data on the ps3 while keeping data on the ext HDD still intact?

    Another thing, I've read that some game saves can't be transferred to different machines (Ninja Gaiden is one of them, CMIIW). Would that mean it would not be backed up into the new HDD either? And would add-ons for disc-based games be backed up too?

    Would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance

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    zaror1992 Guest
    About Games Saves it means that you can't download one savev game for the game, you can back it up. And about the adds-on yes they will be backed up since they are saved in your HDD. So you can back up your PS3 and nothing loose.

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    tubbies Guest
    good to know... i'll go start backing them up

    many thanks

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    pacific808 Guest
    The back up system is different than back up systems like mac's time capsule where you have to format your external hdd first. With the ps3 it just creates a file on any drive that it can mount as long as that drive has enough room. And the back up system pretty much makes a cloned copy of your internal hdd. I find it that my ps3 (60gb sku) needs at least 80gb of space because it seems to create a file larger than the hdd itself and then compresses it so I end up with like a file around 44gb.

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    JEFFZURN Guest
    Not sure which room i should ask this in, but has anyone installed linux?

    What is the pros and cons for doing it. I hear quite a few people talking about but not sure if i want to take the plunge.

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    pacific808 Guest
    I have installed linux on my ps3 before. It is not anything fancy. It is just like turning your ps3 into a desktop computer. You can surf the web and play videos and stuff like that. But to play flash games or add programs to do other stuff you gotta do more than just install them. Basically I see linux on the ps3 is as pointless as running windows 2000 on a brand new alienware. You only do that if your like 1337 haxor or want to develop programs in a stable environment. Oh and you can do your english essays on the linux too!

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