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Thread: Service mode using Ipod Touch 3.55 help?

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    ThetaSigma Guest

    Service mode using Ipod Touch 3.55 help?

    Is there a way to access 3.55's service mode using the Ipod Touch (1g), or can we only access 3.50's at the moment? Because I've been looking and there isn't much on the subject.

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    Chivafighter Guest
    What do you mean using the itouch? are you asking if you can make the itouch into a jailbreak dongle or using it as a Usb flashdrive. Currently we have an app for the psp to make it a ps3 jig.

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    ThetaSigma Guest
    I was not able to get PSPjig to work - It said successful at least 7 times, but all of them did not put the ps3 into service mode.

    I am asking about making it into a jailbreak dongle, but not to jailbreak as such. I need it to put the ps3 into service mode on 3.55, and i don't know if it's compatible with 3.55 yet.

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    severusx Guest
    Why are you needing to go into service mode on 3.55? Are you trying to downgrade? There really isn't any reason to do that. If you are on 3.55 I would just upgrade to a 3.55 CFW or MFW. If you are on 3.50 upgrade to 3.55 OFW and then install a 3.55 CFW. I would recommend Kmeaw.

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