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Thread: Server FTP PS3 help?

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    jigendaisuke29 Guest

    Server FTP PS3 help?

    Dear Sirs,

    I am a new member and I hope to be able to help someone of you and maybe, why not, someone of you can help me

    Anyway, I have a question related to FTPd of Playstation 3. I just bought and installed a PS3BREAK USB. I have a game backup on my PC and I would like to transfer it to my PS3 through FTP Client.

    I can connect to PS3 and I see Internal HDD.

    I have the game in this way on my PC HDD:
    main directory
    two sub-directory
    and a file

    Should I upload directly the main /GAME/ directory to ps3 ? which is the right location to upload it on PS3 INTERNAL HDD ?

    Thank you for your support !

    Best Regards,

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    kamenrider Guest
    yes, upload the GAME (main directory) to dev_hdd0/game/LAUN12345/GAMEZ

    here's a mini tut

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    jigendaisuke29 Guest
    Thank you Kamenrider,

    I have another question. I have installed OPEN MANAGER instead of the others.
    And in the path you gave me I can only find the following directory:


    Should I put /GAMEZ/ directory there instead of LAUN12345/ ?

    What's about GAME ID, I read somewhere that I have to rename the GAME/ directory to a strange ID NAME DIRECTORY ? How caught it ? I don't have ISO, but only EXTRACTED DIRECTORYS.


    I did guys.

    I installed FLEX MANAGER which made the LAUN12345/ folder.

    Now It is working.

    Thank you all

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    bouf111 Guest
    hi I'm having real probs connecting to ps3

    getting the following

    WinSock 2.0 -- OpenSSL 0.9.7g 11 Apr 2005
    [R] Connecting to PS3 -> IP= PORT=21
    [R] Connected to PS3
    [R] 220-PS3 FTP Server v1.0.3
    [R] 220 Copyright (c) 2007 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
    [R] USER FTPD12345
    [R] 230 USER OK
    [R] SYST
    [R] 215 UNIX Type: L8 Version: scee_ps3_ftpd-1.0.3
    [R] FEAT
    [R] 502 Unimplemented or invalid command
    [R] REST 100
    [R] 350 REST 100 OK
    [R] REST 0
    [R] 350 REST OK
    [R] PWD
    [R] 257 Current working directory is "/"
    [R] TYPE A
    [R] 200 TYPE OK
    [R] PORT 192,168,1,12,5,140
    [R] 200 PORT set to
    [R] LIST

    could FTP to xbox360 but not my jb PS3 any ideas?

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