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Thread: Seeking some PS3 advice help?

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    rick5505 Guest

    Seeking some PS3 advice help?

    Hello All,

    I have had my slim PS3 for about a year. I put Kmeaw 3.55 on it within the first week, and I have been on it ever since. I follow the scene several times a week hoping for a stable update and it seems that we are getting close. I would like to be able to get back online for access to the PSN music video stuff, and maybe do some online playing, but the playing online is not a huge thing.

    I am looking for some advice on a couple of things:

    1. DEX and CEX: Is there a guide that explains exactly what the two are and what they are used for? Can I move freely between the two and what should I be using?

    2. Dongles: Do I need this to downgrade if I accidentally upgrade or are there ways to make my own USB thumb drive for this?

    3. I am thinking about upgrading to either Roger 4.x or ErmaC 4.30. Are there any files I need to save before attempting this? I will save my USB config file, but I am not sure if there other system files I need to backup. I have ready that it is possible to go back to Kmeaw 3.55, but is this true?

    Sorry for being all over the place with this thread.


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    StanSmith Guest
    I would recommend Rebug 4.21REX as its very easy to downgrade back to 3.55 if you want to but after using it for a day or week you wont want to downgrade. It can get online also but as there is a huge risk of getting banned I wouldn't recommend it.

    Go check out the Rebug CFW thread. You can find it if you search or look on the front page. The last time I looked it was about 10 pages back.

    About CEX and DEX dont bother. CEX is what you have, DEX is what you dont and you dont need it so dont bother.

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    rick5505 Guest
    Thank you StanSmith for taking the time to reply. I will have a look at that.


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