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Thread: Seeking PS3Gen help?

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    crazymich Guest

    Seeking PS3Gen help?


    I would like to make a BD emulator, because my drive is non-functional, so i've downloaded ps3gen and the dummy.iso and got a well-working usb dongle but every time i try to create the image in ps3gen it comes up with a message which states that my usb has no valid partition. I've even tried to format the usb on my ps3 running cfw rebug 4.21, but just get an error

    So my question is: how do i make a valid partition on my dongle? Hope someone can help, so i can play Batman again

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    GotNoUsername Guest
    In Short you want to play Batman. with out a Blu-ray drive ? For BD emu to work you need a DEX, not sure if REX can do it??? Tried to boot Batman directly via MM and direct boot?

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    crazymich Guest
    Yeah i tried that, didn't work... and i read that with the new rebug cfw you can make your ps3 cex to dex. and all that went fine.

    My problem is trying to make the usb to a BD emulator via my pc and ps3gen.

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    windrider42 Guest
    -Connect the USB hard drive to your pc and open ps3gen.exe
    -On the command tab choose BD emulator hdd utility
    -Choose your USB Drive Then choose Format HDD for BD Emulator

    Preparing the BD Emu Disc:

    0. connect external usb with your pc
    1. Fire up psgen.exe
    2. fill in the title id: bcus.. put disc version to 00.00, copyright holder = sce, producer name = sce, tick trophy, click setup game
    3. file -> import -> load up the param.sfo, click tab content information files and drag and drop the files from ps_game without the directories & remove files that get a grey background -> click ok
    4. click tab directory and file the structure with your backed up files
    5. click build
    6. click for bd emulator hdd tab and select the partition u want to use

    Now the above is how I did it for DEX 4.21. So whether it works the same for Rebug I don't know.

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    crazymich Guest
    That brought me one stop closer, but no cigar.

    When i try to format using the method you described, it come back with faulty result and tells me to use another tool.

    I've tried with the usb formated in fat32 and ntfs with same results.. very strange...

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    windrider42 Guest
    It needs to be in FAT32 format

    What size Drive are you using? I used a 1TB hdd in FAT 32

    It is strange it doesn't work.

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    crazymich Guest
    I am using a 8gb usb formatted in FAT32, and when i try to format using ps3gen it says that "format failed. Use other tool.(5)"

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    racer0018 Guest
    Just format it using your computer. Thanks

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    windrider42 Guest
    Well I know others use 8gb too Format HDD for BD Emulator

    Do you have another USB drive you can try?

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    crazymich Guest
    I've tried with a 32GB and a 250GB, both with the same result as the 8GB.

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