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    zangetsu1 Guest

    Screen just goes black after game launch?

    Hi guys..

    I've uploaded a game (Another century episode) to the PS3 via FTP.. after using Backup manager the game shows up in the xmb.

    The problem is that when I launch the game the screen goes black and remains black... any solution?

    I've searched for an answer but could not find any..

    Please help..

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    harveychan Guest
    game proble not compatible. Does others work?

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    zangetsu1 Guest
    The ones I backed up my self do work.. but this one is downloaded...

    I'm uploading 3 more to the ps3 via ftp... there now at 80% uploading.. so I'll give it a shot as I get home..

    I'll report back later..

    But in the mean time is there anyone out there who can confirm if ACE is working??

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    Sinn7r Guest
    I'm having the same problem with downloaded games. i'm using psfmod by klutch on my droid to jailbreak and i ftp the games. but when i try to direct launch with open manager it locks up on a black screen and if i try to do a non direct launch, it just goes back to xmb and no games show up. this is my first backup (GoW collection) so i dont even know if i have everything setup right.

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    jasmartin Guest
    Another Century Epsidoe is compatible from the internal drive.

    Most likely you are trying the direct boot or * /app_home/PS3_GAME/ method of starting the game. That often ends in a black screen.

    Pop an original bluray game into your PS3, launch backup manager select ACE, and then start the game using the original disc method (which should show up as ACE being in the drive).

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