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    donnyboy1189 Guest

    Confused savegame application help?

    Probly a few questions gunna be rolled into one here...

    Firstly with game saves i wont to know, if game saves are encrypted via the game your playing or the ps3 itself??...

    Secondly i would like to know, if by creating an application that would simply call on them like a game would, would you be given the decrypted data or would we have to emulate specific attributes to each game individually??..

    Lastly if this is plausible would it also be capable of decrypting other files used by games saved in the same directory not just the .svg??..

    cheers in advance

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    severusx Guest
    What exactly are you trying to do? Modify game saves to enable cheats?

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    donnyboy1189 Guest
    In a way yes, i don't believe in people having to pay for a device that a simple app would do. But i'm also quite intrested in the games architecture and the way the games utilise the saves.

    I am however aware it would proply be eaiser to make a cfw that in the background would just dump the saves to a seperate folder prior to encryption and saving, and then just boot from there but im not that smart lmao.

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